Hi and welcome to my Website.

I am Stratis, a Greek audio artist and I am doing fine. 

I began my musical education at the age of nine, studying piano and violin at the Kodaly Conservatory in Athens. I continued my musical education in Germany, studying choral conduction and piano at the vocational school in Dinkelsbühl and hold a Master's Degree in music from the University of Mainz, where I studied piano with Wolfgang Schamschula and Violin with Helga Wähdel. I am an independent producer, arranger and composer for Media specialized in multichannel installations. I have been working in the past ten years as a Composer, Project Manager and Audio Designer. My big passion is Field Recording.

At this moment I am traveling in Asia, exploring remote, unspoiled ecosystems, equipped with my portable recorder, a backpack and a bunch of high-tech microphones. I gather these recordings in an online sound library database, with the aim to sensitize the public view about the beauty of sonority in nature and the necessity to preserve it. 

The next pages should give you an impression about my interests and professional references. Feel free to contact me for further information at: